Welcome! I’m Manuel Tamay, though everyone calls me Manny. I’m an online entrepreneur and am dedicated to being able to promote online businesses. I established myself in 2014 and am completely addicted to online marketing. My goal with this page is to talk to people more about the need to use online marketing tools in order to promote their businesses effectively.

Marketing is fun for me. I have made mistakes and have learned from them. I have been a part of the gimmicks and I have been able to generate incredible amounts of revenue. It is through my experiences that I’m able to do more and help more people. I love what I do and cannot wait to share more of my experiences and knowledge with those around the world.


Entrepreneurs with big dreams can learn to work online like a pro. I promote high ticket value. It’s of the utmost importance that people know how to make their businesses work for them. I take the time to go over the details of the business and create a better plan. I believe that everyone can have success through knowledge and organization. I have tried and true techniques that I’m able to share.

Many of the people I work with are trying to make money online from home. I think that home-based businesses are the wave of the future. They are happening more and more and analytics and studies have shown that people are able to make big money online.

Online marketing is easier than many people think…as long as the goals are understood and certain strategies are followed. My services are simple. I show people how they can make money online. Regardless of whether there is a pre-established business with products that wants to sell more or there is a person who wants to be an affiliate in order to earn an income.

For those who want to make money online even though they don’t have a product or service, it’s simple. The affiliate marketing programs around the globe are phenomenal. I have spent a lot of time and research to make sure that I know all of the best programs out there. I don’t want to waste any time on programs that don’t pay or that are complete gimmicks – and I certainly don’t want to waste anyone else’s time, either.

I like to think of it like this. Big companies have big marketing budgets. They rely on others to do the marketing for them. Many of the big companies remain big because they don’t waste their money on office space for their marketing teams. Instead, they rely on affiliate marketers and bloggers who can work at any time, from anywhere. It is what makes it possible for anyone and everyone to be able to work from home and make a good living.

There are some people who choose to supplement their income with home-based businesses and online marketing schemes. Others choose to do this full-time. I look forward to helping everyone find the best opportunities that exist. I’m going to break it down step by step to show how to become an affiliate, learn about the various products that are available, and show how to promote the products. I will also show how easy it is to track sales and earn commissions.


I’ve personally worked with a number of people who have set up affiliate sites. They have learned how to promote their products online and they are earning commissions of three, four, and five digits a month. Some people are earning commissions without even putting in a lot of time. Once the system is setup, it is simply about managing it all – and the commissions can be higher than many would think is possible.

I’m a dedicated and hard working person. I have seen the success that can come from online marketing firsthand, and now I’m here to help others.

Do you want to learn more about online marketing? Do you want to work from home? Do you want to be in control of the revenue that you generate? I have the tools and tips that can help.

I can promote online businesses and show you how you can work from home with online affiliate systems. Marketing can be your ticket to greater revenue – and the ability to be your own boss.

Every entrepreneur deserves a shot at greatness and I want to be a part of it. Contact me today or visit my page to learn more about who I am and what I can help with. Together, we can create a phenomenal marketing plan that taps into the latest and greatest online marketing strategies.